In traversing the development of globalization and a world without borders, the Institution of Mosques & Islamic Centers is an important Control Center in the effort to form khayra ummah.
Where these two institutions need to be generated and strengthened to the maximum level in order to be the true background in the formation of the nation state. The main focus of the UPM University Islamic Center is to make the Mosque a safe zone for worship and to conduct ummah building activities.
Optimizing the function of the Mosque as a center for the proliferation of knowledge with the aim of fostering the appreciation of Islam based on the Al-Quran and As-Sunnah in addition to giving birth to the
Mosque as a congregation-friendly Institution to highlight the concept of mercy in the Mosque environment.
Therefore, the UPM Mosque Committee and the University Islamic Center Mosque Management Unit will continue to try to further diversify the programs and activities of the Mosque in order to maintain the relationship
between the Mosque and the outside community and ensure that the Institution of the Mosque is in a good and comfortable condition for Muslims to worship.